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Achille Capaldi's sisters - Filomena and Assunta Maria Capaldi

Achille Capaldi’s sisters – Filomena and Assunta Maria Capaldi

Update: As at December 2011

I have made contact with cousins in the USA.

Dean DeSalvi has supplied me with several photographs of family members which I have placed on this site.

I have managed to get details of Achille’s youngest sister Filomena’s first husband.

I am now searching for details in Mexico and Germany

Please check the content and if you can assist with any information, sign the guest book or contact me.

Filomena Capaldi - with Carole circa 1950 in USA

Filomena Capaldi – with Carole circa 1950 in USA


Emilio Di Salvi circa 1930 - Assunta Maria Capaldi

Emilio Di Salvi circa 1930 – Assunta Maria Capaldi


Assunta Maria Capaldi - Traditional Dress

Assunta Maria Capaldi – Traditional Dress

Achille’s two sisters, Assunta Maria and Filomena

Assunta Maria Capaldi

Born in Vallegrande, Villa Latina.
Sante Capaldi, her father is noted on birth record “as working away from the Commune.”

Maria emigrated to USA
Living at Racine Avenue, Chicago in 1940s to early 50s
Maria married Giuseppe DeSalvi born circa 1884 Where ?
Giuseppe worked as a shoemaker for Carson Pirie & Scott in Chicago

Joe Assunta De Salvi

Joe Assunta DeSalvi

Son, Emilio DeSalvi born

USA Census
Family, living at 78 Harrison Street, Chicago District 914, Cook, Illinois
Occupation – Shoemaker – rented shop

USA Census
Family living at 175 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago
Names anglicised to Joseph, Mary & Emile Salvi
Her niece Angeline Capaldi also living in the house, occupation – Postal telegraph worker.
Latest information on descendants of Assunta Maria

Emilio DeSalvi
1933 married Eunice Jane Noble
1933 Son born, Noble DeSalvi
1960 married Nancy Ann Rossi
1967 grandson born
1973 Emilio died Los Angeles California

Emilio was an orchestra leader and during the war years was in the military entertainments corps.


Filomena Capaldi

Circa 1891
Born Possibly Italy or Germany
Lived in Chicago, New York and New Jersey
First husband, Leandro Mendoza, father of Angeline & Leondra.
Second husband, Ernesto Meza, father of Emanuelle & Carmela

Filomena Capaldi & Leandro Mendoza

Filomena Capaldi & Leandro Mendoza

Living in Florence Italy with husband Leandro.
Leandro was from Mexico and was studying at the School of Art in Munich Germany. He died of TB.
Filomena’s address in Munich was 39 Kurfurstenstrasse, Schwabing

Emigrated to Mexico

Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934

Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934
Name: Philomena Capaldi Departure Date: 28 Sep 1913 Destination: Vera Cruz Estimated Birth Year: abt 1891 Age Year: 22 Gender: weiblich (Female)
Family: Household members Relationship: Mutter (Mother) Residence: M√ľnchen
Ethnicity/Nationality: Italien (Italian) Ship Name: Corcovado Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Ship Type: Dampfschiff, kein Auswandererschiff Accommodation: Sonstiges Ship Flag: Deutschland Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: Havre; Southampton; Santander; Coruna; Vigo; Kuba (Cuba); Mexiko Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 267 Page: 3391 Microfilm Roll Number: K_1832 she was 22 years old and was travelling with her two child: Angelica (age 3)Leander (age 1 3/4?)

Ref =
Family entered into USA from Mexico at Laredo, Texas

Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1903-1957
Name: Filemona Capaldi Arrival Date: 2 Jun 1919 Age: 26 Birth Date: abt 1893 Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: Italian Port of Arrival: Laredo, Texas, USA Accompanied by: Husband Ernesto Mesa; Child Angelica Mesa; Child Leondro Mesa; Child Manuel Mesa Record has photo?: No

USA census details living at 1073 Harrison Street, Chicago
Filomena born in Italy
Ernesto born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico of Italian parents.

Anecdote from Filomena’s grand daughter
Here is some information I just got from my daughter in MA. She remembers a story of the nephew of Czar Nicholas and my grandmother.

He supposedly painted her when she was in Germany or Austria, not sure which, it is a picture of a girl in a green dress with her arm around a big white dog.

I also knew that her hands and feet were used in a painting of a girl at a fountain. Not sure who that artist was.


Filomena’s Children

Angeline and Leondra Capaldi
Carmela and Emanuelle Meza

Angeline Capaldi

Angeline Capaldi

Angeline Capaldi

August 23rd 1911
Born Florence, Italy

USA Census
At 175 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago with her uncle, aunt & cousin. Giuseppe, Maria & Emilio DeSalvi

Occupation – Postal telegraph worker

Married, William Morris, Chicago

Moved from Chicago to Daytona Beach, Florida

February 9th 2003
Died, last address Beville Road, Daytona Beach

Angeline has no descendants

Leondra Capaldi with son Larry

Leondra Capaldi with son Larry

Leondra (Leo) Capaldi

Born Cassino, Italy

New York Petitions for Naturalization
Name: Leo Capaldi Birth Date: abt 1913 Age: 25 Naturalization Date: 4 Aug 1938 Residence: New York, New York Title and Location of Court: New York Southern District


Selected U.S. Naturalization Records – Original Documents, 1790-1974
Name: Leo Capaldi Record Type: Petition for Naturalization Court Type: District Court Court: (Rolls 1123-1156) Petition No. 303825 – Petition No. 315077 Court Location: Southern District, New York Naturalization Record Number: 308005 Roll Description: (Roll 0974) Petition No. 254641 – Petition No. 254987 Archive Series: M1972 State: New York Leo Capaldi was born on December 9, 1912 in Montecasino Italy (Maybe Cassino town in Frosinone Province?). He stated he arrived in the U.S. on 1919 from Mexico under the name of Leandro Mesa

Circa 1945
Son born
No further details of Leo’s descendants

Leandro died in New Mexico:

Social Security Death Index
Name: Leo Capaldi SSN: Last Residence: 87120 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States of America Born: 9 Dec 1912 Died: 22 Aug 1990 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

Emanuelle Meza

Emanuelle Meza

Emanuelle Meza

Born Mexico

April 1989
Died Mexico aged 72

No details of Emanuelle’s descendants


Carmela Meza

Carmela Meza

 Carmela Meza

Born USA Chicago

Married name Garlo-Chislett

Lived at Toms River, New Jersey

Resident in Port Orange Florida


Any information on the descendants of Achille’s sisters would be very hepful