Over 100 Years in Scotland

San Giuseppe old buildings

San Giuseppe old buildings

I have searched several archives for information relating to Italians in Scotland.

Some details of my findings are summarised below:
Capaldi articles in the Scotsman Newspaper over the past 130 years (includes other Italian names)

Capaldi deaths in Scotland from the Scottish Records Office (Originally compiled by Marisa Visocchi)

Capaldi births & marriages in Scotland from the Scottish Records Office

Coppola births, deaths & marriages in Scotland from Scottish Records Office

Gizzi deaths in Scotland from the Scottish Records Office (Originally compiled by Marisa Visocchi)

Fusco births deaths and marriages in Villa Latina (Originally compiled by Ann Fusco from LDS records)

Pacitti births deaths and marriages in Villa Latina (Originally compiled by Ann Fusco from LDS records)

Tartaglia births to mother with Tartaglia name in Villa Latina (Originally compiled by Ann Fusco from LDS records)

Arandora Star names of internees from Villa Latina & Picinisco etc, Frosinone and Isernia who perished at sea 1940 (Transcribed from the original list, compiled by Dr. Terri Colpi in the book “The Italian Factor”)

Edinburgh Saughton Prison detailed list of internees held in 1940 many born in UK of Italian heritage.
I also advise you to visit the following site which has access to many Italian Names and databases
All Things Italiane


Capaldi Name Search in “The Scotsman”

Newspaper Archives

Name Article Date Address Article Details
Capaldi, Casimo 28/07/1893 Bell Street, Glasgow Stabbed three men in Dominic Capaldi’s ice crea shop fined £1 or 1 week imprisonment
G D Rossi
F Boni
A Ferri
M  AMarino
A Valvona
G MariniFDi Marco
L Di Marco
A  A Di Marco
A Marandola
D BerniniEPompa
A Cece
A Capaldi
A TartagliaGGargaro
P Neri
D Russo
A Crolla
A Marandola
R  PAntoniuzziJCrollaFBoni
A Di Ciacca
D Vacca
G Minchella & Pompa
F Di FeliceFDi MarcoGRossi
V ScappaticcioCAntonelli
F D’Inverno
R Tomaso
O Arpino
N TartagliaA

D Ferri
L Ferri
N Attilo

21/03/1900 453 Lawnmarket
158 High St.
8 Richmond St.
147 Dundee St.
55 Dalry Rd.
121 Dalry
Dalry Rd.
89 Leith St.
121 Leith St.
130 Leith St.
12 Union Pl.
16 Union Pl.
4 Shrub Pl.
241 Dalry Rd.
49 Morrison St.
26 Clerk St.
7 Bristo St.
4 Carnegie St.
191 Pleasance Pl.
339 Leith Walk
84 Buccleuch St.
3 Div Gordon Highlanders
146 Rose St.
128 Easter Rd.
92 Leith Walk
37 Kirkgate Leith
59 Tolbotth Wynd54 Bridge St. Leith
49 Shore
28 Main St.
249 Gt. Junction St. Leith41 Haymarket Terrace
43 Candlemaker Row
28a West Port
6 Morrison St.
63 Bread St.
45 Canongate
88 Grassmarket
83 Grove St.
7 Home St.
21 Drummond St.
27 Parsons Green Terr.
Donations List to Widows and orphans fund from Italian community in Edinburgh
Capaldi Salvatori 27/12/1906 Not known Grassmarket
Stabbing AffrayAt Edinburgh Police Court charged with stabbing with razor ?
Tommasi of 153 West Port
Capaldi Giuliano 10/01/1914 77 Jamaica Street Edinburgh Fined £6
for keeping saloon open after 8pm on 3 consecutive Sundays
Capaldi or Izzi Giovanna 25/10/1920 179 Wolseley St. Southside, Glasgow Divorce granted against Nicholas Izzi confectioner address
unknown, desertion
Capaldi 06/07/1920 52 High St. Cowdenbeath Advert“Piano for Sale”
Capaldi Anthony 13/05/1918 No address Assault at demonstration May Day £6 or 21 days
S Capaldi & Co 17/03/1922 5 Forth St. Edinburgh Allowed to carry on business exemption Aliens Restriction
Antonio Pelosi
Michael Capaldi
Serafino Gargaro Antonio Rossi Pietro Papa Alexander Marandola Domenico
01/11/1922 60 Gt Junction St. Leith
1 Crighton Place
15 Gt Junction St
48 Gt Junction St.
55 Leith Walk
69 Home St.
All offences for selling after hours
Capaldi or Casinello Emilia 16/06/1923 21a Causewayside Fined 10 shillings sold refreshments after 9.30 p.m.
Capaldi Barnardo 28/12/1923 10 Lauriston
Fined for selling cigarettes after hours
Capaldi Luigi 27/03/1925 50 Fountainbridge Edinburgh Building warrant granted for alterations.
Capaldi J 15/07/1925 Main St. Kelty Advert for sale property shop and houses
Capaldi 04/05/1929 155 Lothian Rd. Edinburgh Advert for No. 233 Morningside Rd. Shop & cellar for rent
Capaldi R R 19/07/1930 N Berwick George Heriot’s School Prizes. RLS Literary Prize
Capaldi Thomas 01/08/1935 Arcade 48-49
Promenade, Portobello
Contravened gaming
acts fined £2 or 20 days
Capaldi 02/10/1920 2 Bath St. Portobello Advert
Capaldi S & J 05/08/1933 35 Dudley
Avenue Leith
New Scottish companies register S Capaldi & Co. trading in toys, machines games musical instruments
£500 share capital
Capaldi William (32) 22/11/1947 16 Annbank St. Glasgow Ice Cream
Factory ExplosionHe was injured 7 taken to hospital Factory at 11
Monklands St. Glasgow
Capaldi Sante (Deceased) 24/05/1947 35 Dudley Avenue Leith Advert Contact
solicitors settlement of will Late Sante Capaldi of S Capaldi & Co. 55-57 Trafalgar Lane Leith
Capaldi Giacomo (Jack) 13/04/1939 35 Dudley
Avenue Leith
Marriage NoticeSecond son of Mr & Mrs
Sante Capaldi to Winifred McGovern 37 Dudley Avenue Leith
Capaldi Giuseppe Antonio 04/06/1949 88 Annandale St. Edinburgh Notice“Naturalisation “
Capaldi Samuel 07/03/1941 6 Bon Accord St. Clydebank Claim for compensation against riots in Greenock on 10
June 1940 Outbreak of war
Capaldi Agostino Alberigo 22/03/1937 59 Ferry Rd. Edinburgh Notice“Naturalisation”
Capaldi Crescenzo
(Charles) (24)
20/08/1940 3 Woodhall Terr. Port Glasgow Aliens order Charge
He was born in Port Glasgow His father was born in Edinburgh. His
grandfather was born in Birmingham. He renounced his British nationality
Capaldi Gaetano
& Corona
01/06/1940 42 Hill Street
Both confectioners set up new company G Capaldi
& Sons Ltd  54 Cambridge St GlasgowWholesale and retail merchants and bakers£500
Capaldi R R 14/08/1935 N Berwick North Berwick Tennis ChampionshipsBeaten by Wm Skinner from London
Capaldi R R (36) 01/06/1950 95 High St. North Berwick Death Notice Son of the late Luigi Capaldi
Capaldi Peter 14/07/1949 478 Keppochill Rd Glasgow Contravening
retail byelaws ice cream van
Capaldi Antonio 13/06/1949 51 Ferry Rd. Edinburgh Notice “Naturalisation”


Rosa Valente

Rosa Valente

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