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  • The Capaldi Clan

    The Capaldi Clan

    This website is about the Capaldi Clan.

    There is information in here about the family in Italy, Scotland and the USA.

    Enjoy the site and if you would like to get in contact, please do!

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  • My Search Journey

    My Search Journey

    Find out about my journey to discover the history of the Capaldi Clan.

    My research took me through many family and official records, as well as, research in Italy itself.

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  • Resources


    From my years of research I have gathered together a lot of information relating to the Capaldi’s and associated families. In this site you will find family trees, family names, picture galleries and other information relating to Capaldi’s in Italy, Scotland and the USA.

    Family Tree Resources

My Search Journey

Find out more about my search journey as I ventured to discover more about the Capaldi Clan. Find out more

Achille Capaldi

Discover more about Achille Capaldi. Find out more

Capaldi Clan

Discover more about the whole Capaldi Clan.

Family Trees

Check out the family trees and other resources. Find out more

Picture Gallery

Enjoy the picture gallery I have put together.  Picture Gallery

100 years in Scotland

Research into the 100 years that the Capaldi’s have lived in Scotland. Scotland

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